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Portrayal of a certain character is easier to translate when the subject to be depicted is vivid and exemplary. Vehement and the practical determination results in fame and transcendence. Outclass are the people who never rest on their laurels with the objectivity of usefulness for mankind.

Haleem Group of Companies (HGC) is a well known for the services in almost every field in Pakistan as well abroad. The company is owned by renowned business family of Peshawar, the Khawajas. Being the pioneers of Trans Indian Subcontinent trade, the Khawajas have always excelled in international trade. After the formation of Pakistan, the Khawajas focused all their attention on international trade and today their business interests have expanded to Middle East, Afghanistan, Central Asian Republics, and North America. HGC enjoys the services of a talented and experienced bunch of professionals. HGC takes pride in the professional and ethical parameters that it had set itself more than a century ago, and which always follows religiously.

The company's core business is International trading both inbound and outbound. Head office of the company is located in Peshawar, the traditional gateway to Indian Subcontinent, both for trade and invaders. Representative offices of the company are located in California. HGC deals in import of export of traditional and non-traditional items. HGC has been dealing with the technology and communication for over Ten years. In a very short span of time, HGC has successfully captured the major market share in communication and technology in Pakistan. Our unmatched performance in the areas of technology and in communication sales, customer support and brand enhancement has not only earned us a distinct position in Pakistan but has also given us recognition as a preferred Mobile phone distributor. In order to cater to the diversified needs of our valued customers; Similarly, we represent the leading mobile phone operators in Pakistan both for TDMA and GSM networks and facilitate new connections through our widespread outlets across the country, enhancing customer convenience. Our most valuable asset is our Customers and our strength is constantly growing retail sales outlets through out Pakistan.

We make our customers feel comfortable while walk-in our retail sales outlet. Our customer friendly environment, courteous staff and full range of cellular products give personalized services.

It has always been the policy at HGC to look forward mutually beneficial and sustainable business relations with established and esteemed trading houses of the countries. We are also looking forward to doing the same with you.


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